Adopt-an-Area Program

The start of the 2019 year has launched the City of Tybee Island’s first ever Adopt-an-Area Program! Similar to Adopt-a-Highway, but instead volunteers adopt an area on Tybee Island. Adoptable areas could be a beach, beach crossover, marsh, park, or any other area on the island. The City hopes to keep all types of areas clean and would like any group, organization, or individual that wants to help keep Tybee clean to participate!
Participants in the Adopt-an-Area Program make a monthly commitment to clean up their adopted area at least once a month and a complete a Pickup Report after every pick-up. Even though the program started in January of 2019 any participant is able to join at any time throughout the year committing to the monthly pickups for the months remaining in that year.

There was an orientation in December where adopting groups received a folder of the four forms necessary for participation in the program. In addition to going over the four forms, there were great presentations filled with helpful information from Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers and the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Not to worry if you were not able to attend this time, the Program hopes to have a quarterly meeting again in the spring for all of the participating adopting groups.

The City is providing a bucket, grabber, and vest to each adopting group. A special thanks to Ace Hardware for donating buckets, Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers for donating vests and grabbers, and to all the participants who have bought their own equipment.

If you would like to participate in the Adopt-A Program the four forms need to be read over, completing and returning two of the forms, the Participant/Volunteer Waiver and the Annual Agreement. Please see each of the forms listed at the bottom of this page.

For additional questions and information, please contact Robyn Rosner at or 912-472-5045.

2019 Totals

254 participants picked up litter

48 hours spent picking up litter

92 buckets of litter collected

7,668 cigarette butts collected

(as of February 8th)

Adopt-A Areas Map

Thank you to all of our current Adopt-an-Area Program Participants below for helping to keep Tybee Tidy!

Amber Ward
Andy DeYoung
Brian+Karen Gilbert
Bud+Cheryl Matlock
Cindy Meyer
David Keller+Sherry Williams
Deb Palmer
Fowler Family
Fred Reif
Islands Critter Sitter
Joe Bonds
Joe+Barb Stahl
Julie Stepp
Kate Burns+Brian West
Lee+Kathy Cheek
Mermaid Cottages
Nancy Bain
Sea Shore Colony HOA
Stephen Palmer Weddings
Sue Brown
Susan Adams
Susan Bird
The Tybee Island Experience
Tybee Beach Ecology
Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers
Tybee Island Farmers Market
Tybee Island Maritime Academy
Tybee Vacation Rentals