Posted on: January 18, 2017

Hwy 80 Water Line Replacement Project

Hwy 80 Water Supply Line Replacement Project

Announcing Phase I of the Hwy 80  Water Line Replacement Project. The water line project will start at 2nd Street east side parking lane and continue down Butler to Hwy 80’s North side parking lane to South Campbell Ave. Hwy 80 will be down to one lane for a couple of months. 

Water System Improvements

The proposed water project will consist of new C-900 PVC water main installed outside of the road section but within existing rights of way via trenched construction on 2nd Avenue and Campbell Avenue. The water main on Highway 80 is proposed to be installed under the parking lane since GDOT is planning a pavement re-surfacing project soon after water main construction will be completed. New three-way hydrants will be installed to replace the existing ones and adequate valving will be installed so that each section of main can be isolated in the future for maintenance and emergency repairs. The existing water main will be abandoned in-place to reduce impacts. A total of 76 existing residential water services will be transferred to the new main and replaced to the right of way with new service tap and lateral pipe, connecting to the existing meter.

Details of water system improvements are as follows:

  • Campbell Avenue (from existing 8-inch main on Linton Street to Van Horn Avenue.): 1,500 l.f. new 8-inch water main.
  • 2nd Avenue (from Hwy 80 to Van Horn Avenue.): Install 2,050 l.f. new 8-inch water main.
  • Hwy 80 (from 1st Street to Campbell Ave.): Install 3,000 l.f. new 8-inch water main.

WWTF Disinfection System Improvements

The new generation UV systems are more efficient which will save both on bulb replacement costs as well as power costs with a pay-back through reduced maintenance and power costs in less than ten years. A permanent by-pass will be installed with liquid chlorine disinfection available should emergency repairs be required on the UV system.

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