Posted on: July 11, 2017

Mosquito control and spraying


Mosquitos are pests, there can be no doubt. They carry a multitude of diseases, most worringly for us, West Nile virus, and making advances but not yet found in the Savannah area, the Zika virus. You can do much to reduce the danger of mosquitos on your own, but you can also request for a mosquito spraying to be scheduled if you are suffering from many mosquitos and can't locate the source. Our local apiaries can suffer dire consequences if spraying takes place while their bees are out, and you may have other reasons to wish to be notified of forthcoming eradication sprays.

Recently, it was announced that West Nile had been found in one population of mosquitos, and that twice weekly spraying will commence to control that group. However, please note the twice a week spraying will only be in the area where the insect was found, which is  near East Montgomery Cross Road and nowhere near Tybee, and Tybee spraying is unscheduled and as needed only at this time.


You can control your local mosquito population rather directly. Walk around on your property looking for containers or small nooks that may hold standing water and dump that water out! Look for tarps holding water, planting pots and bases, boats, spare tires, cup holders on your lawn chairs, bird baths, kids toys: mosquito larvae can live quite happily in a thimbleful or less, so any standing water at all should be eliminated. While a fish pond or standing water with polliwogs should not have much of a problem, as the animals will eat the mosquito larvae for you, larger bodies of water, like a drainage ditch or standing water in your backyard may be impossible to empty. A good option is to purchase a mosquito dunk from your favorite hardware outlet. Mosquito dunks carry a specific bacterial agent that is deadly only to mosquitos, so you won't need to worry about your pets or other wildlife drinking the water with a dunk in it. Each dunk will provide bacteria for up to 30 days for water surface area of 100 square feet. (You can break the dunks into smaller pieces for smaller ponds to make your investment go farther!) Other solutions, like putting a few drops of vegetable oil or dish soap on the water will work, but may prove deadly or cause ill-effects to other animals like fish or mammals.

To request spraying:

The Chatham County Mosquito Control has a site where you can request spraying. Visit their web site at http://mosquitocontrol.chathamcounty.org/ where you will also find other helpful information about mosquitos, mosquito control, and mosquito-borne illnesses found in the Chatham County area. While they do try to be aware of when rain and weather may create excellent breeding conditions on Tybee, you may have an infestation of which they are not aware. If you don't let them know, they may be a long time before they decide to come out!

To request notification of spraying in advance:

There is a page on which you can sign up to be notified 24 hours in advance of upcoming mosquito control spraying in your neighborhood. Visit http://mosquitocontrol.chathamcounty.org/Spraying-Notifications to sign up or to learn how to download an app to your phone to help keep you aware of spraying events. If you don't have a computer or smart phone, call (912)790-2540 to register. Although they did miss notification of one spraying event earlier in the season, they have made changes to their process to try to make sure no one is missed for any future announcements!

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