Community Development

Mission Statement

The Community Development Department is responsible for assuring that Tybee Island is desirable to the citizens, visitors, and businesses of the Island. This is accomplished by applying strong customer service skills, knowledge, and sound judgment while conducting daily operations.

Yard Sale Guidelines

A yard sale (PDF) at a residence is considered to be an isolated activity. no permit, license or tax is required. One sign not larger than 4 square feet is allowed on the property. Directional signs not larger than 2 square feet are allowed on the property of others but only with their permission. Such signs must be 5 feet away from the street or sidewalk. Please remove all signs immediately after the sale has ended. Signs cannot be attached to other signs or posts, utility poles, benches, rocks, trees or other vegetation, or vehicles.

Municipal Code

Chapter 34. Licenses, Permits and Miscellaneous Business Regulations

Sec. 34-36. Exceptions to business licenses and tax.
Nothing herein contained shall be interpreted to require any person to obtain a business license and pay an occupation tax when all the following conditions are met:

(1) The business transactions are the result of casual or isolated activities, defined as being without regularity, unusual, occurring at irregular intervals, occasional, being detached or set apart, or uncombined; more specifically being defined as business activities which occur two or fewer times in any one month, and also do not exceed 12 times in any one year; however, making products, services or properties available by advertising or the posting of signs or otherwise on a regular basis, whether or not such products, services or properties are purchased, rented, or obtained, shall not be considered casual or isolated activity;
(2) The business transactions involve only personal assets being either sold or rented; and
(3) The business transactions are not the principal occupation of the individual.

Land Development Code

Article 6. Sign Regulations

Sec. 6-040. Exemptions; signs not requiring a permit.
Except as otherwise provided, the following on-premise signs may be erected without securing a permit; provided that each is in accordance with the prescribed conditions and all other applicable codes and regulations.

(I) Signs for temporary yard sales, garage sales, permitted private parking lots, and the like, located in residential districts and subject to the following provisions.
a. On-premises signs shall be limited to one per parcel and a maximum area of 4 square feet.
b. Similar off-premises signs for directional purposes, not exceeding 2 square feet in area, may be allowed at street intersections on other private properties with the consent of the property owner. The sign shall be located at a minimum of 5 feet off of the unimproved portion of the public right of way and shall not be attached or placed on any sign, utility pole, bench, rock, or any form of vegetation.

Sec. 6-070. Prohibited signs.
The following signs and advertising devices are prohibited within the city limits:

(G) Signs or advertising devices attached to any vehicle or trailer parked so as to be visible from a public right-of-way for the purpose of providing advertisements of products, services, or events or directing people to a business or activity, except for a common carrier or other vehicle which is used for daily transportation of merchandise with a valid license plate. Any allowable vehicle or common carrier having a sign attached thereto as a part of the operational structure, such as a company logo or branding image, of the vehicle is to be parked in a legal parking space belonging to the business or on the property to which the sign makes reference. no signs on trailers or other non-motorized vehicles will be allowed under this subsection other than those vehicles used specifically for a service business (landscaping, construction, delivery, etc.), which does not include an advertising business.