Dog Park

Dogs are not allowed on the beaches anywhere on Tybee Island. Violators are subject to a $290 fine on the first offense! Cars get deadly hot in the summer time after only a few minutes, and animals found in closed vehicles will be rescued even if it means breaking a window on the car. Not being allowed to take your dog on the beach is no excuse for animal cruelty! Make sure you make arrangements for proper care for your pet before heading to the beach!

The Tybee Dog Parks are located at the intersection of Van Horne and Fort Streets, between the Police Station and River's End Campground and RV Park. For practical reasons, the dog parks are only open from dawn til dusk.

Dog Park Rules

Hours of Operation: Daily Dawn to Dusk

Please be respectful and follow these park rules:
  • There are 2 dog parks. The 1 immediately on Fort Street is for small dogs of 20 pounds or less. The larger park, accessible from Van Horn or Fort Street is for larger dogs. Please use the parking spaces on Van Horn and do not park in the police impound lot!
  • The off-leash dog area is for dogs, their handlers and those accompanying them. No other use is allowed.
  • All dogs must be legally licensed and vaccinated, and shall wear a visible dog license.
  • Dogs under 4 months of age and female dogs in heat are prohibited.
  • Dogs must be on leash when entering and exiting the off-leash dog area.
  • Dogs must be under the control of their handler and in view of their handler at all times.
  • Spiked collars are prohibited.
  • Children 8 years and under are not allowed in the off-leash dog area. Children ages 9 - 15 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.
  • Handlers must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Handlers must have possession of the dog leash at all times.
  • Handler is limited to a maximum of 2 dogs.
  • Handlers must "scoop the poop" and fill any holes dug by dogs under their control.
  • Food and drinks in glass containers are prohibited. Training treats are allowed.
  • Dispose of trash and recycling in provided receptacles.
  • Dogs must be removed from the off-leash dog area at the first sign of aggression.
  • No animals other than dogs shall be permitted in the area.
  • Handlers are responsible for any injuries caused by the dog(s) under their control.
  • Users of the facility do so at their own risk. The City of Tybee Island is not liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog.
To report immediate safety concerns call TIPD at 912-786-5600.

Comments and suggestions are welcome by email.

Tips for Your Visit to the Tybee Dog Park

Be alert and attentive to your dog and other dogs while using the park. Remember that you are legally responsible for your dog at all times.

How to Enter the Park

  • Do not open the outside gate if the inside gate is open. Be patient. One dog should come or go at a time.
  • Remove your dog's leash inside the double-gated holding pen. Do not leave a leash on your dog while in the dog park. A leashed dog may feel obligated to defend the owner at the other end of the leash, may be at a disadvantage, and may actually cause an altercation.
  • Carry your dog's leash with you in the dog park. A leash is a sure way of gaining control over your dog if needed and may act as an impromptu muzzle in an emergency.
  • When you enter the dog park, close the gate behind you and move your dog away from the entrance.
  • Remain in control of and in sight of your dog at all times, because you are legally responsible for your dog and your dog's actions while in the Tybee dog park.
  • Puppies under 4 months of age are at risk of infection, even when vaccinated, because your dogs' immune systems are not fully mature.
  • Your dog must have a collar with proper ID and rabies when in the dog park. (No spiked, choked, or prong collars, please!)
  • Grab a plastic bag from the dispenser provided to clean up after your dog (or someone else's dog, if necessary!)

Good Owner Behavior

  • Interact with your dog and with other dogs in the park. Have a positive attitude. Everyone will appreciate it!
  • Pay attention! Owners must clean up after their dogs, so don't be embarrassed to point it out to an owner that isn't paying attention. It's the right thing to do! Plastic bags and trash receptacles are provided in the park.
  • Please, do not bring toys into the park when other dogs are present. Toys may provoke possessive or aggressive conduct, or be destroyed through rough play. Tennis balls may carry disease. No sharing, please!
  • Do not leave water bowls at the dog park. Community water bowls not allowed to dry out are a breeding ground for many viruses and bacteria.
  • Do not bring food into the dog park.
  • Basic obedience training is a must for safety reasons. Remember that you're responsible for your dog at all times.
  • If you bring children into the dog park, please teach them how to behave with animals and what to do in an emergency. Be sure you can take care of everyone you bring to the park.

Understanding Canine Behavior

  • Be aware that dogs have different play styles. Behavior that concerns some dog owners may simply be a rambunctious play style.
  • Always respect another dog owner's wishes if they are not comfortable with how your dog is interacting with theirs. Simply move to another part of the park for awhile.
  • Leash up and leave if your dog is acting in an aggressive manner or having a bad day.
  • Move around! Walking defuses defensive behaviors and keeps the off-leash area a neutral territory. This means your dog is more likely to pass by another dog with just a sniff rather than a stare-down.
  • Interact with all dogs in the park! Sometimes, when people stand around, their dogs may become protective of their people and their space, making scuffles more likely to occur.
  • Spay or neuter your dog. This can sometimes help to curb aggressive tendencies in addition to helping decrease overpopulation problems in our communities.
  • Keep learning! Be a responsible dog owner. Help others become responsible dog owners.