Employee of the Quarter Program


The purpose of this program is to establish a program of recognizing City of Tybee Island Employees who have made substantial contributions to their division or who have otherwise contributed or performed in a manner which will reflect favorably on the individual and the City of Tybee Island.


It is believed that a program for recognizing outstanding employees will serve as an incentive to all employees of the City of Tybee Island to perform their assigned tasks in a manner which will reflect favorably on the individual and the City of Tybee Island.


I. Eligibility

  • All employees as defined by the City of Tybee Island Personnel Ordinances, except department heads, with at least 6 months of service are eligible for selection and recognition as employee of the quarter.
  • An employee is eligible for one quarterly award in any calendar year.

II. Criteria

  • Any series of events which demonstrates personal initiative by the employee to serve the City of Tybee Island and/or the Community better.
  • Suggestions or ideas which have increased the efficiency of municipal government service or created.
  • Any single contribution of an outstanding nature to his/her division, the City of Tybee Island, or the community at large.
  • Outstanding distinctive achievements in the areas of individual improvement through education and/or on-the-job training.

III. Nomination Process

  • Complete the nomination form. Specifically describe an action the nominee took and how this action met one or more criteria for the award. Submit the nomination form to Human Resources by the 1st of each quarterly month - March, June, September, December
  • An employee may be nominated by co-workers, supervisors or members of the community.
  • All nominations will be reviewed by the committee. The committee will be made up of: Mayor, or his appointee, council member, City Manager, Clerk of Council, and HR Administrator.
  • One employee of the quarter will be awarded.
  • The employee of the quarter will be selected from those nominated for that quarter or the committee may choose not to make a selection. All nominees not selected will remain in the process for the next quarter. Nominees not selected after that period will be removed from the selection process. These nominees would be eligible for renomination following completion of a new employee of the quarter nomination form.

IV. Notification

  • The employee selected as employee of the quarter will be so notified by letter by the HR Administrator.
  • The HR Administrator will notify the employee’s Department Head of the selection.

V. Awards

  • The employee’s department head will be requested to appear with the employee at the last City Council meeting of the month following his/her selection, to be recognized by the Mayor.
  • The employee will be presented a certificate of honor and a $50 gift certificate.
  • The employee of the quarter nominee submittal form will be placed in the personnel file of the selected employee.
  • The employee will be featured on the City’s website.

VI. Employee of the Year

  • From the previous employees selected as employee of the quarter beginning October 2011, the committee shall select an employee of the year.
  • The person selected as employee of the year shall receive a certificate of honor and a $50 gift certificate.
  • The employee selected will receive an extra vacation day of 8 hours.
  • The employee of the year award will be presented at the Annual City Employee Picnic in October and at the 1st City Council meeting in November.

Employees of the Quarter 


  • 1st Quarter: Cale Mathis, Public Works
  • 2nd QuarterMelissa Freeman, Finance
  • 3rd QuarterJennifer Wittendorf, Fire
  • 4th QuarterDanny Rapposelli, Water Sewer 

  • 1st Quarter: Robyn Rosner, Facility Coordinator, Community Development Dept
  • 2nd Quarter: Michael Bodine, IT Specialist, IT Dept
  • 3rd Quarter:  Scott Meredith, Maintenance Worker I, Water Sewer Department
  • 4th Quarter:   


  • 1st Quarter: Joel Rodriguez, Water Meter Tech, Water Sewer Dept
  • 2nd Quarter: Anthony Errato, Police Officer, Police Dept
  • 3rd Quarter:  Jaime McBroom, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Finance Dept
  • 4th Quarter:   Chris Epley, Firefighter, Fire Dept


  • 1st Quarter: Tron Lewis, Corporal Police Dept
  • 2nd Quarter: George Reese, Water Sewer Director
  • 3rd Quarter:  Phyllis George, Office/911 Manager for Police Dept
  • 4th Quarter:   Lisa Schaaf, Community Development Dept


  • 1st Quarter: Joseph Toole, City Marshal
  • 2nd Quarter: John Dowell, Water Sewer Foreman
  • 3rd Quarter:  Matthew Harrell, Fire
  • 4th Quarter:  Chantel Morton, Community Development/DDA/Mainstreet Coordinator


  • 1st Quarter: Captain Tiffany Hayes, Police
  • 2nd Quarter: Cody Adams, DPW Laborer Crew Leader
  • 3rd Quarter: Joe Rogers, Campground Maintenance Worker
  • 4th Quarter:  Stephanie Hogan, Accounts Payable Clerk


  • 1st Quarter: Jerry Oates, Animal Control Officer
  • 2nd Quarter: Heather Brown, Cashier
  • 3rd Quarter: Brent Levy, DPW Landscape Foreman
  • 4th Quarter: Nalene Conway, Utility and Solid Waste Billing Clerk (Finance)


  • 1st Quarter: Denise Dubuque, Parking Services Supervisor
  • 2nd Quarter: Cory Lauber, DPW Landscaping Foreman
  • 3rd Quarter: Erica Coreno, Senior Police Officer
  • 4th Quarter: Todd Smith, IT Manager


  • 1st Quarter: Pete Ryerson, Parking Services Supervisor
  • 2nd Quarter: Claire Price, Finance Accounting Manager
  • 3rd Quarter: Rosie Ferraris, Campground Administration Supervisor
  • 4th Quarter: Jimmy Bostwick, DPW Construction Foreman


  • 1st Quarter: Jimmy Brown, Emergency Management Coordinator, Danny Carpenter, DPW Superintendent
  • 2nd Quarter: Jeannie Alford. Campground Reservations/Store Clerk
  • 3rd Quarter: Melissa Freeman, Sr. Centralized Collections Clerk
  • 4th Quarter: Karen Reese, Facilities Coordinator


  • 1st Quarter: John Dowell, Water Sewer Foreman
  • 2nd Quarter: Sandy Herring, DPW Landscaping Foreman
  • 3rd Quarter: Dianne Otto, Community Development Specialist
  • 4th Quarter: Matthew Moses, DPW Laborer, Emory Randolph, Police Officer