Information Technology

Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Technology Department is to build a solid comprehensive technology infrastructure; maintain an efficient, effective operations environment; deliver high quality, timely services which support the City of Tybee Island’s primary duties of public service and public safety.

The department provides leadership in the planning, implementation, and maintenance of information technology. It oversees services in telecommunications, local and wide area networking, and end to end client/server support.

Policies Regarding Video Recordings & Reproductions

Policy Regarding Video Recording & Production of Meetings

The City of Tybee Island will assume the cost of Audio/Video production, recording and broadcasting for all meetings and events of an official city nature. This will include, but is not limited to:
  • Scheduled and Special Called City Council Meetings
  • Planning Commission Meetings
  • Infrastructure Committee Meetings
  • Better Hometown Board Workshops/Meetings
  • Public Safety Committee Meetings
  • Community Resource Committee Workshops
  • City/Council Sponsored Forums
An A/V services fee of $200 will be charged to the organizing body/party for all other meetings and events. Requests for use of city premises, equipment and personnel should be delivered to the Clerk’s office no later than 2 weeks prior to the date requested.

Policy Regarding Reproductions of Meetings

A copy of each City Council meeting will be made available to the public, via checkout, through the Tybee Island Library, by the Monday following the meeting.

Individual copies of any meeting, including City Council, Planning Commission, any official city committee or special event recorded at City Hall can be purchased through the Clerk of Council’s office for $10 and will be ready within 10 business days after request.

Copies will only be made available on USB drives. 

Many of the functions IT performs are in the background of day-to-day City operations. Since every department uses computers, making sure effective software and hardware is selected, updated, and available when and where needed comprises the obvious and traditional portion of IT duties.

In telecommunications, the IT Department keeps the City telephone systems running, coordinates cellular services for staff, and makes sure the radio communications are working. Security monitoring of non-police public buildings and other facilities is accomplished by the IT department. For your convenience, the City Directory provides a complete listing of telephone numbers for all City staff.

Planning for emergency management in the event of a hurricane or other disaster is a part of every decision in information management. All telecommunications have back up plans in the event of failure of any single system. The City’s website is maintained under contract in a distant geographic location, which means the web will remain a conduit for emergency communications even if City Hall were to be destroyed. Off site storage and off-island backup of information systems is a part of daily processes.

Online payment systems for parking tickets and utility bills is supported on the City website with a number of back-end support processes to handle contracted support, transactional logging, and data processing.

Outbound communication, as well as providing a resource for coordinating community information, is provided with the City’s Comcast cable access Channel 7, content on the website, and notices posted on the marquee outside City Hall. Community events can be posted to the City Calendar page and will automatically be considered for inclusion on the channel 7 slide show as well as on the flashing marquee by filling out the calendar submission form. IT staff make sure that City meetings are recorded to help City government to comply with Georgia’s open records requirements; City Council and Planning Commission meetings are broadcast on Channel 7 along with other events of community interest.

Citizens may request a copy of any recorded event on USB drive for a $10 material and handling fee. You may call or stop in at City Hall to request a copy.

Public input regarding web content is invited via feedback email as well as the above link to provide self-listing of event announcements for the City Calendar. Events listed on the Calendar need to be for non-profit, community-based organizations, and may also be listed on Channel 7. While the City Hall marquee mainly displays announcement about City government events, non-profit events may also be listed as space is available.

Appropriate recorded material may be submitted to IT staff for inclusion in the Channel 7 broadcast schedule. Please contact Todd Smith or John Tinley with your request. We can accept video and animation in almost any format to convert for broadcast.