DPW Transfer Station Policy

DPW Transfer Station Policy

Beginning in August of 2015, a new truck scale has been installed at DPW. If you do not wish to use the Atlantic Waste curbside pickup services, the following costs and procedures will apply if you bring your waste to the DPW yard for disposal:

DPW has opened its waste weighing system to charge for using the dumpsters at DPW. The dumping fee will be five cents per pound, payable by debit or credit card only - no cash nor checks will be accepted. The reason for this added fee is that residential waste is already comprehended in the City’s contracts with Atlantic Waste, while additional fees are charged the City for hauling and tipping for the dumpsters out of the Polk Street yard.

Avoiding the fee is simple. You already pay to have your trash picked up from your home. Simply be sure to put your waste curb side. Waste includes trash that should go in the green dumpster barrel at every home, recycling that should be in your blue dumpster barrel, and yard waste that should be bundled, bagged or stacked as described in the paragraphs below. Construction waste should be put in a commercial dumpster and hauled to the dump at contractor expense!

If you have large items that won’t fit in your waste barrel, like furniture, white appliances, or very heavy objects, please contact Atlantic Waste at 912-964-2000 to make an appointment for pick-up.

Yard Waste

In addition, if you hire someone to take care of your yard, shrubs, and trees, licensed landscape companies can utilize the Atlantic Waste curbside service for yard waste at customer locations within the City of Tybee. Curbside yard waste service for everyone - residents, property owners and contractors is conditioned on the following:

  • Yard waste (leaves, yard clippings, paper, straw, and loose yard care items) shall be placed in water tight bags or other suitable containers which, when full, do not exceed 50 pounds in weight. If paper recycling bags are used, please keep them dry until pickup!
  • Palm fronds, branches, and other long yard waste must be tied into bundles for easy collection, then stacked and placed adjacent to the street, road or alley for collection.
  • Heavy brush and tree branches no longer than 3 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter should be gathered into a pile no larger than 5 cubic yards.
  • Special collection may be requested for those residents who have a pile larger than the above, by calling 912-964-2000 to set up a private contract with Atlantic Waste.
  • Yard trash is picked up on Fridays for each area!
  • If you elect not to use curb-side pick-up for yard waste, the standard fee of 5 cents per pound will apply.

Although the profit for recycling material has all but evaporated of late, recycled material is not put in the landfill and reduces the overall cost of waste handling for the City and, therefore, for you. Please, participate in the recycling initiative!

Accepted Recyclables


  • Rinsed food cans
  • Metal coat hangers
  • Plastic bottles, lids, tubs, hangers
  • Paper such as cardboard, copy paper, newsprint, magazines, file folders, shredded paper, sticky notes, envelopes, phones books, boxes
  • Glass bottles and jars

Unaccepted Items

  • Food waste or food-contaminated containers
  • Waxed paper containers
  • Plastic wrap or plastic film food wrappers
  • Styrofoam cups, containers, plates
  • Diapers
  • Used paper tissues, towels or napkins
  • Mirrors, window glass, or light bulbs
  • Clothing
  • Nitrile or latex gloves
  • Batteries: Rechargeable batteries can be brought to City Hall. A box in the lobby is provided for rechargeable batteries.
  • Plastic grocery bags - plastic bag recycling containers are at most major grocery stores, as well as at City Hall, the YMCA, and the IGA on Tybee.

Electronic Recycling

Electronics (computers, phones, printers, TVs, radios) contain metals and materials that can cause severe health risks, and they should never be sent to the landfill! Working, used electronics can be donated to some school programs or to Goodwill. Non-working or very old electronics should be taken to the Savannah eRecycling Center on Eisenhower Dr. Old cell phones can be sold, returned to your cellular provider, or donated to help domestic violence victims or service men and women deployed outside the country.

Oil & Paint Disposal
recycled oil_paint notice