Sanitation Engineering Services

Waste Disposal

Tybee City government, residents, and business people are cooperative partners in a mutual goal - to provide complete and efficient sanitation services to the community so that the Island's native beauty is preserved, the natural environment is protected, and the Island's ecological heritage is perpetuated for future generations, while providing for the needs of our citizens and of the visiting public who come to enjoy our Island beaches.

Tybee's barrier island environment prevents use of a landfill. However, there is a collection dumpster at Public Works, and recycling and trash pickup is provided for residents according to the schedules below via a contract with Atlantic Waste. Recycling pick-up occurs weekly. 

The City of Tybee Island has contracted with a new firm, Atlantic Waste. Below follows all the information about the new program. 

Tybee Recycling Map
The once a week side door service started in 2016. "Side-door service" means that the truck crew will move your receptacles from the side of your house to the street to empty them, then return them to their approximate original location. There is no need to move your trash bins curbside yourself, unless they are stored in a location that is not visible from the street. The workers will not impinge on your privacy and root about in your yard trying to locate them if they are not easily seen!

Short-term rental properties that want an extra Saturday side-door pick up can contract directly with Atlantic for this service at a cost to them of $25/month/cart for a 6-month seasonal service. This is between Atlantic and the rental companies.

Routes for garbage, recycling and dry trash/bulky goods will change with Atlantic - they are in development by Atlantic.

Atlantic will pick up contractor yard waste at the curb, as long as it meets the standards for residential yard waste - no beaver dam piles of dry trash allowed

If you were missed on a pick-up day or have a complaint about Atlantic service, we recommend you call them directly at the number shown on the right-hand side bar. If you call before their trucks depart for the day, they will dispatch the crew to your home to handle your issue before they leave the island. If you have a persist problem that is not being handled after calling Atlantic, we recommend using our online Citizen Request Tracker - complaints and responses will be recorded and copied to yourself, to Atlantic, and to City Hall, and response time will be reported afterward as well. If you have not already, you'll need to set up an account for the city web site using your email address and a password of your choosing. You may also elect to call the Utility Bill Clerk, Nalene Conway, at 912.472.5025.


  • Yard waste such as leaves, yard clippings, straw and loose yard items will have to be in a compostable water-tight paper bag not a plastic bag and not weigh more than 50 pounds
  • Palm fronds, branches and other long yard waste must be tied into bundles for easy collection and stacked and placed adjacent to the street, road or alley for collection.
  • Heavy brush and tree branches can be no longer than 3 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter and be gathered into a pile no larger than 5 cubic yards
  • Yard waste contractor staff will have rakes on each truck to clean up small yard waste debris while collecting
  • Bulky goods such as appliances and furniture, not to exceed 100 pounds and 6 feet by 5 feet by 5 feet placed at the curbside will be collected. Additional items beyond those limits require scheduling with Atlantic and an additional charge directly to the customer.
  • Single Stream Recycling for both carts and the Atlantic Recycle Compactor - aluminum containers, steel cans, plastic containers (1-7), newspapers, magazines and related fibrous products, and cardboard that has been broken down to fit within the recycling cart. no pizza boxes (due to cheese grease on the tops) and no glass (the market for recycled glass has crashed. It may come back but for now, no glass).

Atlantic Waste Website

The information in the paragraphs below is from the Atlantic Waste website.

Welcome Residents of Tybee Island,
Atlantic Waste would like to thank you and your representatives for the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality waste and recycling service possible. We feel that we will be a significant upgrade from your former waste service provider. To give you some background, Atlantic Waste was started in Savannah, in 1998, by Ben and Burke Wall. We have grown to be the largest local owned waste hauling and collection company in the Coastal Empire through providing superior service, and we plan on providing Tybee Island the same excellent service. Our hope is that our website helps explain in detail what services we are providing and also what we ask from you, the Tybee Island residents.