Water Conservation Schedule

Below, we consider repairing leakages that result in loss of water as one of the best ways to conserve; dripping faucets and running toilets can result in a very large amount water being lost. The City has recently installed a networked, automatic meter reading system which can help us to inform you when usage varies from one month to the next, indicating a potential leak. In addition to our education efforts and the AMR system, you should know that the City also attempts to conserve water by using shallow well water, which does not deplete our Floridan aquifer supply, to water the palm trees and grounds at various parks and on right-of-way areas around the city.

Conservation Tips

However, a great way to start conserving is to understand where your own water usage is starting - you may be able to cut back on some of your use when you understand where so much of your water goes. As charges for water use rise, both your base consumption as well as your leakage loss can contribute to your expenses! Estimate typical water use by using this tool at the U.S. Geological Survey site and be sure to check out some of the other pages and resources there on water conservation.