Siren & Safe Site Locations

The City has voice warning sirens that announce emergencies when they arise, so there will be no confusion as to what a siren signal actually means. Instead of 1 centrally located siren, there are 4 announcement systems distributed on the Island. This system is tested at noon on the 1st Wednesday each month. This test will be foregone if severe weather conditions occur at the time of the test.

Shelter Protocols

If you are warned to seek shelter in an emergency, do not leave your current shelter, such as your home or room. Battery Brumby, the Tybee Gym, and the Hotel Tybee meeting rooms are safe sites intended for beach goers and visitors without any other place of refuge.

Battery Brumby is at 33 Meddin Ave (32.0209506,-80.8450574)
The Tybee Gym as at 204 Fifth Street (32.0075873,-80.8465844)
Hotel Tybee is at 1401 Strand Ave, and the meeting rooms are best accessed from Butler Ave on 14th Lane. (31.9942455,-80.8474029)
Sirens Plus Safe Sites
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Citizen Alert Notifications 

If you have not yet registered for the CivicReady notifications, now is a great time! You will be notified of emergencies, as well as less urgent events if you so request. Click the icon to the left to go to the signup page.