Development Authority / Main Street


Vision Statement 

The Vision of the Program is to improve the quality of life for those that live, work, and visit Tybee Island and enhance the cultural experience while preserving the community’s barrier island heritage.

This Vision is achievable through the Director’s commitment to the National Main Street Four-Point Approach® of historic preservation-based economic development that balances design, business assistance, promotion, and organization with established committees and partners that represent each point.

This effort takes support and assistance from all. Therefore, Committees and Partners help with the foundation of the proven Main Street Four-Point Approach tailored to meet local needs and opportunities in a balanced, self-sustaining manner.  Click here for Program details.

Board Overview

Tybee Island Mayor and City Council activated the Tybee Island Downtown Development Authority (DDA) by Resolution on August 14, 2014. The geographical boundaries of the Authority are within city limits, not just the downtown area. Therefore, the name of the Authority is referred to as the Tybee Island Development Authority / Main Street Program ("Program"). Directors of the Program also serve as the Tybee Island Main Street Board of Directors. The Program By-Laws can be read by clicking the link below.

The program is governed by seven (7) Directors appointed by City Council and four (4) Ex-Officio Members. Directors work with local and state partners to provide technical assistance and financial opportunities with incentives, as available, that encourage quality growth and development while preserving Tybee Island's unique architectural and community heritage.

The Tybee Island Development Authority / Main Street Board of Directors is comprised of seven (7) Council appointed Directors that are representatives which have an economic interest within city limits, one of which is a City Council member, in accordance with the approved Resolution (PDF) and By-Laws (PDF) for the Program. A maximum of four (4) Ex-Officio Members may be appointed to serve for a two-year term by a majority vote of the Directors. An Ex-Officio member shall represent the business community, non-profit organization, and / or be a full-time resident of Tybee Island.

Sarah Bernzott 
Affiliation: The Tybee Tourist/Irritable Pelican Art Gallery
Board Chair: Promotions
Term Expires: 2025

Affiliation:  City Council Liaison
Term Expires:  2024
Cate Campbell
Affiliation: Cate's Confections
Position: Voting
Term Expires: 2024

Michael Flores
Affiliation: T.S. Chu's/Captain's Quarters
Position: Voting
Term Expires: 2025
Bill Garbett
Affiliation: Community Representative
Position: Ex-Officio
Term Expires: 2022

Sue Jackson
Affiliation: Trinity Chapel UMC
Position: Ex-Officio
Term Expires2023

Susan Kelleher
Affiliation: Seaside Sisters/Seaside Sweets
Position: Voting
Term Expires: 2024
Maria Lancaster
Affiliation: Tybee Vacation Rentals
Position: Ex-Officio
Term Expires: 2024

Beth Martin
Affiliation: Tybean Art and Coffee Bar
Position: Voting
Term Expires: 2025
Charissa Murray
Affiliation: DeVivo Marketing
Position: Ex-Officio
Term Expires: 2024

Cassidi Kendrick
Executive Director

Kelly Swope 
Affiliation: Kelly & Company
Position: Voting
Committee Chair: Economic Vitality
Term Expires: 2023

Dillon Patel
Affiliation: Dunes Inn
Position: Voting
Term Expires: 2024

Agenda and Minutes

See all board related materials, including approved meeting minutes, on our WebLink archives.