Flood Information for Homeowners

Tybee's Emergency Management Coordinator, along with the rest of the City team, strives to keep everyone informed of all the necessary information to be prepared for a flood or storm-surge on the island as well as requirements related to the purchase of flood insurance, permitting for flood-defensive construction, and emergency planning for residents and businesses on the island.
There are many different resources that address the several possible types of flooding, of flood preparation, disaster mitigation, and insurance options, which means each home and business owner must review these various resources to determine what kinds of issues and mitigation plans may affect them. Please review the following documents and websites for more information on these subjects:
U.S. Flood Risk
  • As a Tybee resident, you live in a 100-year flood plain. The risks associated with living on a barrier island mean we may be subject to evacuation orders when a hurricane approaches. The storm surge associated with a near pass of a hurricane can create the flood conditions that impose most of these risks.
    • "Know Your Potential to be Flooded (PDF)" is a document describing the flood risk, insurance options, building code requirements, and special elevation needed for new construction or improvements, as well as some suggestions for making a family plan to be followed in emergency situations.
    • Any renovations or remodeling performed on Tybee homes will need a building permit. Work which involves more than 50% renovation or repair will subject the home to all flood safety and FEMA building requirements. Be sure to check with Zoning before you start your project, as fines will increase the burden if you come for approval after the fact!
    • You can request a flood evaluation report from Tybee's Planning and Zoning Department with this form (PDF).
  • There are many other online resources to help you understand risks, insurance options, emergency planning, notification alerts, and much more. You should review the information on these pages once a year and make sure all your planning and paperwork is ready and up-to-date!
  • Don't forget you can get automated notification of emergencies and more from both CEMA and the City:
    • CEMA Alerts
    • Sign up for CivicReady for Tybee automated alerts. We also have a text-to-join feature which is a quick and convenient way to get weather-related notifications, along with critical infrastructure notices; simply text "Join tybeeinfo" to 30890.
Text "JOIN TYBEEINFO" to 30890

If you have questions or suggestions to make this information more readily available and understandable, please let us know your ideas by sending us an email or stopping by the TEMA or City Hall offices.