Report a problem

Below you will find links to help you to report various problems to the correct agency to get the quickest repairs:
Life-threatening emergencies: CALL 911, be ready to state the nature of your emergency, your address, your name, and your contact information!

  • We have a general suggestion/problem report form you can use. We encourage you to use the online form for non-emergencies, as it will help us keep track of your problem and keep a record of the date submitted, progress made in implementing the fix or suggestion, and the closure of the report. You will need to register with the city's web site so we can email responses back to you! Visit Citizen Request Tracker to submit your report.
  • Report suspicious activity or potentially dangerous conditions, such as lost or found pets, building without a permit, a sign out of code, drugs, prostitution, or shots fired, by calling the Tybee Island Police Department Dispatch Desk at 912.786.5600.
  • Report a water supply problem, such as a broken main: call TIPD Dispatch at 912.786.5600.
  • Report a sewer problem, such as a contamination spill or other problem: call TIPD Dispatch at 912.786.5600.
  • Report an electrical outage; visit the Georgia Power Outage page on the web at or call them at 888-891-0938. You will have the easiest time with the report if you have your account pre-registered so you can login, but you can click in the "Not registered?" box and still report the problem with the address information.
    • To check status of an electrical outage, go through this same process. If they are already aware of the problem and have scheduled repairs, they will give you the estimated time of return to service.
  • Report a street light out: visit Georgia Power's street light outage page at:
    • Note that you can subscribe to be notified of status alerts for your neighborhood by clicking the Outage Alerts link on these pages.
  • Report a traffic light out: all traffic lights on Tybee are on Highway 80 aka State Route 26 and are the responsibility of GDOT. They have a special phone number set up to report traffic issues, statewide. Call 511 to report a traffic signal outage or signal problem.
  • Make a suggestion