Find Lost Property

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How to retrieve or obtain property

It is the goal and responsibility of the Tybee Island Police Department Property and Evidence Unit to return all found, safekeeping and evidence related property to the rightful owner, when it is no longer needed for prosecution.

The property auction list describes the current property within the unit and lists the possible owners (if known).  If you are the owner or if you know any of the people listed please contact the Property and Evidence Unit at (912) 472-5083 or (912) 472-5099. When describing the item(s) listed you will also have to reference the Case Report Number (CRN). 

When claiming any property you will need you to bring proof of ownership (receipts, pictures or other documentation).  Property currently held as evidence in a case will also require release permission from the officer, detective, or judge handling such case.  Any property that is not claimed with in 5 weeks of being posted on this web site will be publicly auctioned via the

Listed below are the current property lists:

01/01/2017 THRU 07/07/2017
CRN            DATE          OWNER                        DESCRIPTION
201702849 05/22/2017 Timothy, Joshua L Blue, Green Bay Packer Wallet
201702577 05/22/2017 Mallett, Jordan A Black Tri-Fold Wallet
201701632 04/04/2017 Nolden, Jaiquan J Brown Wallet
201700019 01/07/2017 unknown I-Phone
201700802 03/06/2017 Lopez, Jonathan O Dragon Ball Z Wallet
201700466 03/06/2017 unknown Husky Knife
201700926 03/06/2017 unknown Blue Samsung S7 cellphone
201700906 03/06/2017 Bennett, Stephen N Black Wallet
201700621 03/06/2017 unknown Black Beverly Hills Club Wallet
201700642 03/06/2017 Bailey, Christopher S Black Wallet
201701066 03/06/2017 Rotureau, James E Black Bi-Fold Wallet
201701338 03/23/2017 Tolka, Michael A Brn Wallet, Blk Wallet, knife, Cellphone
201701880 04/15/2017 Ellis, Cody Wallet
201702006 04/25/2017 Darden, Joy Cellphone in Otter Box
201702264 04/25/2017 Gabriel, Jean-Louis Black Wallet
201702086 04/25/2017 Ogbonna, Mazi O Brn Wallet, blk bookbag
201701207 03/23/2017 unknown Samsung Cellphone/silver case
201701449 03/30/2017 Monjaras, Juan C Black Wallet
201701826 04/15/2017 Woodcock, Joshua A Brown Wallet
201702741 05/22/2017 Holmes, Gina/Reid, Amber Brown Wallet
201701593 04/04/2017 Krystal, Green V Nikon SB-900,blk bag,wallet
201702850 05/22/2017 unknown Prescription Glasses
201701758 06/19/2017 unknown Green shirt and 2 hats
20170787 05/22/2017 Eubanks, Candice Brown Wallet
201703333 06/12/2017 Ghardi, Caroline R Blk purse, Atlanta Hawks Hat
201703260 06/12/2017 unknown Black Cellphone white/black
201703483 06/19/2017 unknown HTC cellphone Orange case
201703509 06/19/2017 Weaver, Jacob W Black Wallet
201703817 07/03/2017 unknown Ring and Watch
201703717 07/03/2017 Harris, Daniel/Pizzutiello Elissa Brown Wallet
201703902 07/06/2017 unknown Pink and White Iphone
201703952 07/12/2017 Granto, Caroline S Red Wallet
201703801 07/03/2017 Turnmire, Mark D Black Bi-Fold Wallet
201703492 06/19/2017 unknown Go Pro Heron 4 Camera
201703492 06/19/2017 unknown Prescription glasses