Service Line Warranty Program

Earlier in 2018, the Tybee Island City Council elected to join a program offered by the National League of Cities called the Service Line Warranty Program. After some delay, the administrators of the program sent out letters to customers of Tybee's Water and Sewer Department to offer optional enrollment in the program. The SLWA also offers electrical line coverage, although this is not billed by Tybee, so check out the information on their web site for that coveage. It is up to each homeowner to review the material here, at the referenced web site below, and in that letter to determine if they believe participation to be an advantage.

Like an insurance policy, for a monthly fee, the SLWP will pay for repairs that may be needed if there is a break in line between the supply main and your home or in the sewer line that runs from your home to the city's sewer mains. These expenses can be quite pricey, running from as little as $750 to as much as $7000 depending on how much line needs to be replaced, and what might be in the way of digging and replacement efforts. If you don't have enough money in savings to pay cash for these kinds of repairs, this service may be an important money-saver for you, not to mention the pain and inconvenience that might accompany a break. Your own home insurance policy might provide coverage for such a situation, but many do not. Be sure to review the terms of your homeowners insurance before signing up!

The work done under this program is completed by local, certified, professional contractors, who are selected from local providers by the SLWA.

For contractors, if you would like to be certified for referrals by this program, please check out Your customers will be referred automatically, and you won't have to worry about referred customers being able to pay for major repairs.

For information about the NLC (National League of Cities) program, please visit The program is run by Utility Service Partners, and their information about the program is at The BBB near the headquarters provides information at this BBB review. Finally, for more specific details and to select a program for participation, visit USP's Service Line Warranties of America web site at You can review the programs there, and when you are ready, enter our ZIP code to get a detailed quote for coverage of your home.