When will the next beach renourishment be conducted?
This will be the final renourishment to complete the 50-year project life cycle which ends in 2024. Any subsequent renourishments will require a new project authorization from Congress.

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1. What is the purpose of this project?
2. When will this project begin and end?
3. Who will perform this beach renourishment?
4. How much is the contract worth?
5. How many cubic yards of sand will be added to the beach during this project?
6. How much will this project disrupt beach activities?
7. Have you coordinated this project with the City of Tybee Island, its mayor and its city council?
8. Where can I go to track progress of this project?
9. Will local workers be hired to perform work on this contract?
10. When was the last beach renourishment at Tybee Island?
11. When will the next beach renourishment be conducted?
12. What is the cost-share ratio for this project?
13. Will you give the public adequate notice about this project?
14. Where will you obtain sand for this project?