When can water/sewer/sanitation billings be adjusted?
The city shall have the right to adjust water and sewer bills in the case of loss of water through an "excusable defect" in the customers water line. An excusable defect is due to a rupture or leakage caused by weather, settlement, corrosion, wear or accident. No leak adjustment shall be granted for irrigation systems, hose leaks, pools,fountains,hot tubs spas or other outdoor features No credit will be granted for sewer charges on pools, spas or the like. A plumbing repair bill or other evidence of repair must accompany a request for adjustment. The amount of adjustment to the water or sewer bill will be determined by averaging the past 12 months of usage. Credit may be given for one-half of the rate charged to usage in excess of the average.The city would credit half the cost of the leak and shall be approved by the City Manager.

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